April 19th 2014


*forgets to talk to friends for 4 weeks*

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April 19th 2014

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April 19th 2014


RuPaul made a sincere apology on the use of the term “she-male” and any related plays on words. It was posted on Facebook and slews of comments were made by men saying how ridiculous it was that he had to apologize, and making astonished comments like, “What next, are we going to have to stop calling each other cunts and saying snatch?”

So I’m still waiting on someone to explain why people see gay men as a natural ally to women.

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April 19th 2014

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April 19th 2014

you wanna get super drunk? (part 1)

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April 18th 2014

April 11th 2014

The First Law of Privilege


by Musa Okwonga 

They make you ashamed of your rage.
They call you the angry black man,
The hysterical woman,
The paranoid Jew.
They make you stand in fire,
Then complain when you yell about the heat.
They say:
“What are you playing the race card for?” -
But I have never known a membership card
That has closed so many doors.
They cause or prolong your pain,
Then tell you how it should be expressed;
If you don’t do so politely,
Then your case will be dismissed -
They talk over you,
Talk over you,
Talk over you,
Talk over you,
Talk over you,
Talk over you,
Talk over you,
Talk over you,
Talk over you -
Then get surprised when you shout.
They don’t think:
“We ignored them,
So they had to scream it out.”
For this is what The First Law of Privilege dictates:
That what to you is daily strife
Is, to them, mere debate.

April 10th 2014


when u see a lil dog tied up waiting for its owner and u look at it but it avoids eye contact like “I’m not supposed to talk 2 strangers”

April 01st 2014

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April 01st 2014



April fools prank: replace all of the sugar in your house with cocaine


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